100% legal Property For Sale in Mallorca.

Perhaps the title of this article has surprised you.
Is it possible to buy a property in Mallorca that is not 100% legal?
The answer is YES, and not only that. It is common to buy a property that has some part that does not comply with the regulations.
The point is that there is a big difference between a small irregularity that is practically indefectible and one that implies not being able to reform it. In the worst case, the construction can be ordered to be demolished.

As you can see if you follow this link, demolitions orders are real

The key is to know what the urban situation of the property is before signing the first document and to know the consequences in case there is any irregularity.

How do I know what the urban situation is?

Check it yourself. Following this link you will find some advice.
And if I can’t do it myself?
Engage an independent professional who has no relationship with the seller to do it for you.

Isn’t the seller obliged to tell the truth?

The seller should tell the truth, but often knows that if he/she does he/ she will not sell the property. In most cases the seller has no idea that there are irregularities in the property. In the past, it was not important.

And the real estate agent?

The agent works for the seller and has the information that the seller provides. If the seller doesn’t know, or is hiding it from him /her , real estate agent can’t tell the buyer.
Some agents know about town planning issues. Others are only commercials.

How complex is it? Look at this link and you will see the most common mistakes about the legality of a property.

Legality is the only thing to look at?

No. It is also important to make sure that there are no debts on the property and that the taxes have been properly paid. If not, the new owner may end up paying them.