Real Estate Solicitor in Mallorca. Free Online Consultancy.

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As a real estate solicitor in Mallorca I offer this free online consultancy service to potential clients. It is primarily aimed at those who want to buy or sell a property in Mallorca.
This service does not involve any commitment on the parts.

Below the form you can see some examples of the report.

You can use the form below or if you prefer you can email me at or WhatsApp at +34678216706.

Please insert your query here. The more details I receive, the more accurate my response will be.
If you want to receive the calculation of the fees and costs for the purchase of a property, enter here your budget or the sales price.
If you want to know if the property is located in a high-risk zone or if there is any special advice, indicate either the municipality, or the area, or the address.
Introduce a name or nickname. You may also leave it empty.
Introduce here the mail address where you would like to get your free report.

Example 1. Provisional Risks Report

In this case the applicant who es asking for a real estate solicitor free consultancy in Mallorca, has visit a property in a rural area of Mallorca. As it usually happens, the seller assures that everything is legal. Real estate agent has been hired by him, in consequence has only the information provided by the seller.

OUTCOME OF THE REPORT: Risk level: 8/10. HIGH. The Property it’s located it’s a High protected area. It was enlarged. after 1956 on a plot is less than 14.000 square meters. That means every license has to be checked in Town Hall to be 100% sure permits where granted. In case was not, administration will never lose the order to demolish any part build after 1991.

Facts to consider.

Real Estate Solicitor in Mallorca. Free Online Consultancy.

.- The Territorial Plan of Mallorca indicates that the property is located in an ANEI zone (Natural Area of Special Interest). This area has si high protected and according the Natural Areas Law (LEN) not dwellings may be build in that area. In general only those builded with or without license before… Press here to read the full report >>

Example 2. Tax and costs report:

In this case the applicant has not yet chosen which property to buy. He/she only knows his/her maximum budget and wants to calculate the final price.

BUDGET: 340.000 euros . TYPE OF PROPERTY: Second hand.