Lawyer in Palma de Mallorca. Real estate specialist.

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I’m integrated in Palma Lawyers Team and collegiate in exercise in the Lawyers Association of the Balearic Islands ICAIB. Having experience in Court cases as a lawyer specialize in Real Estate in Mallorca, I’m focused in Property Conveyancing.

3 Important facts about me.

.-I’m 100% INDEPENDENT. I work ONLY for my client and despite it’s legal, I never represente both buyer and seller. Also I never get or pay commissions to Real Estate Agents or Banks.

.-I take the time to check the state of the property. Real Estate it’s a very competitive market and therefore vendors or agents are tying to close a deal as soon is possible. The rush (and also some cheating) means that EVERY DAY SOMEONE BUYS A PROPERTY WITH ILLEGALITIES IN MALLORCA without knowing it.

.-I love my job and that’s probably why I do it well. I realize that choosing a lawyer without knowing him is difficult. That’s why from this moment I would like to invite you to TEST MY SKILLS FOR FREE.

As a Real Estate Lawyer I’m active in any part of Mallorca doing the process of buying a property easy, and safe.

Real estate Lawyer in Palma de Mallorca. Solicitor“Although I’m a lawyer, and because Mallorca’s market particularities, sometimes I feel like a detective trying to uncover the real situation of the property my client it’s willing to buy”.


  • NIE number application.
  • Verification of the legality of any property either in town or rural areas.
  • Tax and mortgage advice.
  • Negotiation with vendors
  • Charges and encumbrances investigation
  • Drafting reserve, option contracts and purchase deeds
  • Land registry and Cadaster. Registration of the property in the name of the new owner

Rules About Buying Property in Mallorca >>>


  • Buying a property in Mallorca is an investment and therefore it is necessary to plan how to optimise – from a legal point of view – the taxation.
    Before starting the project a calculation of the taxes and expenses is made not only for the purchase, but also for the holding of the property in the future.

Tax Implications Of Buying Property In Mallorca >>>