Confusions for sale in Mallorca.

Buy your dream house but avoid buying problems (or confusions). This process can be complicated if you don’t know the rules. Keep in mind in Mallorca’s island regulations have changed over the years.
Find hera a list of confusions. They may look true but they don’t.

This is FALSE.

Habitability Certificate (Cédula de Habitabilidad) certifies the building it’s able to live in.

The confusion arises because when you build a house, unless you get the conformity of Town Hall saying it’s 100% legal you will never get the Habitability Certificate.

How can a house with a certificate of occupancy be illegal?

  1. Because it has been made illegal after obtaining it. Imagine a house that obtained the certificate and after obtaining it, an illegal extension was made, a swimming pool, porch or room was built without a license or a floor was raised.
    It has a certificate of occupancy but it is not legal.
  2. Because it was built before March 1987.
    Until then, the certificate was not mandatory. Today, a house that is 100% illegal, if it does not have an infraction record and was built before 1987, can obtain a cédula and will continue to be illegal.

The cédula does NOT certify legality.
Moreover, the cédula is issued by the Consell de Mallorca and the town-planning licences are issued by the Town Halls