10 Essential things to check before buying a property in Mallorca.

10 Essential things to check before buying a property in Mallorca.

The biggest mistake you can make when buying a property in Mallorca is to believe that you don’t have to check it before.
A property can be advertised with a very nice sign, advertised on hundreds of websites and that does not expose the buyer to having to check that everything is correct.

To buy a property in Mallorca (as in the rest of Spain), it is not necessary to prove its legality. A totally or partially illegal property can be sold before a Public Notary and be registered in the name of the new owner. In order to avoid buying illegal property, it is essential to make sure that all the parts were built with a building license. If this is not the case, buyer has to know it, understand the consequences and therefore accept it.

If there is an infringement file on a property, no new licences can be applied for, neither to extend nor to reform it.

In addition, a file may have resulted in an order of restitution to the state prior to the infringement, i.e. the demolition of part of the construction. every month Consell de Mallorca orders new demolitions.

Don’t let anyone confuse you. In urban areas, but especially on rustic land, illegalities have become the biggest problem for buyers.
Every month DEMOLITIONS of illegal constructions are ordered.

2.-The seller is the owner and can also dispose of the property.

When buying a property in Mallorca any notary would allow a non-owner to transfer the property, but it is necessary to avoid wasting time negotiating or making an offer to a person who is not allowed to dispose of it. I am not only referring to a fraud, sometimes the seller does not have the title to the property, for example because he/ she has not accepted the inheritance by which he acquired it or this inheritance has not been registered in the property register. So, before buying a property in Mallorca, check the Land registry in order to be sure you are negotiating with the right person.

3.-Before buying in Mallorca don’t forget to check that there are no third party rights.

The fact that the seller is the owner of the property you are buying in Mallorca does not mean that there is no third party with a right over the property. The most common example would be a usufruct or a preferential right of acquisition but there are others such as the right of habitation, use, passage etc …

4.- The property is free of charges.

It is not unusual for an urban or rustic property to be encumbered with mortgages, embargoes, rights of way or other similar charges. Some can be liquidated before the sale, others are inherent to the property and will remain after the transfer. In this case, before making an offer it is imperative to ensure that the charges will not be a problem in the future.

5.- Tax Debts also has to be checked before buying in Mallorca.

The new owner may be forced to assume debts left by the seller in relation to the property. This is why it is essential to make sure that there are no outstanding debts and that the settlements that have been made have been done correctly.

6.- Certificate of Habitability.

This is the document that proves that the property meets the necessary conditions to be able to live in it. If it has expired, the seller must be asked to renew it and if he does not have it, he must obtain it.

8.- CIE

This is the Certificate of Electrical Installations. If the property does not have it updated, it may mean that when you want to change the supply to your name, the electric company does not allow you to do so.

9.- Know your neighbours.

If the property you are buying is in a shared building, it is important to find out who your neighbours are. It is often the case that in a community there are one or two defaulters, but if the number of defaulters is high it can harm the functioning of the community. On the other hand, it is also important to know with whom you are going to live.

10.- If your plan is to develop the property you buying in Mallorca, don’t forget to check before that it is possible to do so.

If you are planning to make improvements, reforms or extensions, it is advisable before buying to make sure that it is possible to make them.

It is common for someone to dream of buying a house, reforming it, extending it and for example adding a swimming pool. Sometimes they go ahead without check if this is possible before buying in Mallorca. When they discover enlarge the property it’s not possible, it’s latter.