Can authorities demolish illegal property on Mallorca?

If you buy a property in Mallorca that has not been checked by a lawyer, may be you are buying an illegal one.

In the worst escenario authorities may ask you to knock it down.

As you may reed in local news, last year, 97 illegal works detected on rustic land were demolished. So far in 2019, 95 have already been carried out, so the forecasts are that they will exceed those of last year.

Find here the tanslation of the article published in Diario de Mallorca on 27.11.2019

The Consell executed 97 demolitions of illegal works in Mallorca in 2018
90% of the constructions have been demolished by the infringing owners to avoid 80% of the sanction.

The Consell de Mallorca has presented today the memory of the Agency of Defense of the Territory of 2018, where it emphasizes that last year 97 illegal works were demolished detected in rustic ground. So far in 2019 have already executed 95, so the forecasts are to exceed those of last year.

The Territory Councillor, Maria Antònia Garcias, and the director of the Agency, Bartomeu Tugores, explained that the purpose “is not a desire to collect, the goal is to restore legality. For this reason, 90% of the demolitions carried out have been carried out by the offending owners, as this saves between 80% and 90% of the penalties.

In 2018 a total of 91 demolition orders were delayed, many of them still in the process of processing, which is a significant increase over 2017, where 72 illegal works were issued and resolved in the rustic land of Mallorca.

Last year, 5.5 million euros were collected in fines. We must highlight the sanction to a mansion of Marratxí that approached the million euros.

The increase in complaints about illegal works also experienced a significant increase last year, from 100 in 2017 to 218 last year. This is due to the participation in the urban discipline of agencies such as the Environment Agents, the Seprona of the Guardia Civil and the increase in inspectors by the Consell. In fact, Tugores y Garcias announced new contracts for the Defense Agency of the Territory.

Algaida, with 36 demolitions of illegal works is the most offending town in Mallorca. It is followed by Marratxí with 17 and Montuïri and Felanitx with 10.