Property for sale in Mallorca.

Let me tell you what NOT TO DO if you are willing to buy a Property in Mallorca.

When you buy a property in Mallorca, Don’t be in a hurry.

Don’t let anyone pressure you. Most of my clients have been told that if they don’t sign a commitment immediately, they will lose the property of their dreams.
1.- Most of the time the only one who wants to close the deal is the middleman.
2.-Mallorca is full of properties for sale. Believe me, you are not taking the last one.


Find here 10 essential things to check before buying a property in Mallorca

Before buying a property in Mallorca, check the legality.

Each year the Island Government of Mallorca orders the demolition of a hundred illegal constructions.
Let a professional working ONLY FOR YOU check the legality of the construction.
Do not trust the seller or an intermediary who receives a commission from the seller.

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