Lawyer fees when buying a property in Mallorca.

Costs of Property Conveyancing in Mallorca.

Important notice:
Sometimes things are not what they seem and the buyer’s lawyer has no choice but to advise his/her client not to buy that property.
Whoever is advising you on your purchase, make sure he/she will be able to give that advice.
I’m not telling you to hire my services. Mallorca is full of professional and trustworthy lawyers. But don’t make the mistake of letting someone related to the seller or the agent (paid for by the seller) advise you. If it is the case that something is wrong, neither of them will advise you not to buy the property.

So, get an independent advisor who works ONLY FOR YOU and has no commitment to the seller.


Regarding the fees it’s very important to know lawyers fees are free. That means lawyer may invoice whatever he/she consider it’s fear. That’s why, before hire one, it’s recommended to ask him/her to confirm the deal and know how much is gonna be the final invoice.

Chamber of Lawyers of Balear Island’s recommends invoice 1% + VAT of the purchase price.

Despite of this the fee may be negotiated. In my case I’m flexible depending of the complexity and risks of the case.

If you send me a Whatsaap (+34 678216706) or mail now I’ll forward you an estimate.