Hvorfor ansætte en advokat, når du køber ejendom i Mallorca?

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Let’s do it upsidedown
First, consider whether you can answer these questions for yourself. If you are familiar with them, you do not need to hire a solicitor to buy or sell your property.


What taxes I have to pay for the purchase, in what time and how much I will pay?
What taxes or fees I will pay annually once I have purchased my property?

I’d better put it in my name, together with my partner or maybe it’s better to put the property in my heirs’ name?


Verify that the property is free of encumbrances, liens or mortgages.

Verification that the real surface, the registry and the cadastral area coincide. In cases of disagreement know the consequences.

Check whether the built volume is habitable or intended for other uses. Many times part of the construction (in rustic and urban), is a storeroom and therefore uninhabitable.

Check if the reforms have been made with a license.
Check whether the reform coincides with the licence requested in the town hall.

Check whether once the renovation was completed, the vendor got the certificate of town hall.

Debts with the community of neighbours, files of infreaction in the Town hall etc…


Buying a house that has burdens, hidden faults or does not comply with urban legality can be a real nightmare for the new owner.
From never being able to apply for a reform license to ever be forced to demolish the illegality.