Guide to buying a property in Mallorca, Spain 2020

Guide to buying a property in Mallorca, Spain 2020

Being a foreign citizen buying a property in Mallorca, may seems to complicate without a guide. That’s why I offer here a comprehensive description of the basic steps to take, but also some important warnings that will avoid making mistakes.

Don’t be in a rush.

From the very first moment you will be surrounded of people pushing you to sign a commitment. Don’t trust them. Rush it’s your enemy and you have to take your time to compare and make the decision.

Trust me. Mallorca it’s full of properties for sale.

Learn to distinguish those who are on your side from those who only think about their commissions.

Property Finders, Real Estate Agents, Decorators, Builders, Consultan, Lawyers… the vast majority are great professionals, but beware because there are many among them who just want to take advantage.

Make sure whoever advises you is ONLY on your side.

How to distinguish them?
It’s simple. Being the only one who hires their services.
In Spanish there is a saying that says ” Poderoso Caballero es Don Dinero.” Powerful gentleman is Mr. Money.
When you have someone in front of you who convinces you to sign, ask yourself the following question.
Who pays him /her? If it’s you; trust him /her.
If the seller is paying him/her, look for an advisor who IS ONLY ON YOUR SIDE.


Unfortunatly Mallorca is full of partial illegal properties and authorities had take the decision to end up with this practice. EVERY MONTH Consell de Mallorca orders to knock it down some propertyies and don’t expect vendor or his/her agent to tell you if the property you are buying it’s illegal.

Let’s be clear, buying a property in Mallorca, it’s always a good inversion and a great idea, but keep something in mind. The fact you are buying in front of a Public Notary and you will be able to inscribe in the Property Registry, doesent means property it’s 100% legal.

I suggest your to read this :

.-Can authorities demolish illegal property on Mallorca?

.-WARNING. War to illegal urbanism in Mallorca based on fines and demolitions.

.-The pursuit of urban illegality in Mallorca does not stop.


Process, as you can read in detail in this post, has 3 parts.

Before the purchase.

-Be sure this is your dreams home

-Ask an independent lawyer to check the legality, the possibility of development, charges and the real ownership of the property.

-Make an offer

-Sign an Option Contract to allow you time to get your NIE number, wire the funds to Spain, get a mortgage if needed and allow time to the vendor to move out of the property


-Sign the purchase deed in front of a Public Notary and pay the price. In the Spanish system in order to be registered the purchase deed has to be signed in front of the Notary

After the Purchase

Pay purchase taxes, inscribe the property in the Land (Property) Registry, Inscribe the property in the Cadaster, change the supplies to your name, pay annual taxes…