Real Estate Lawyer Alaró Mallorca


As a lawyer specialize in Real Estate I’m permanently active in the village of Alaró. Today, due to its good connection with the capital thanks to the motorway, the fact of being at the foot of the Sierra de Tramontana and its quiet environment, the real estate market in Alaró is particularly active. So, Buying a property in Alaró has become an alternative to other more well-known but less charming locations.


As a Real Estate Solicitor permanently active in Alaró the challenges of the transmission in Alaró are similar to other municipalities but with some particularities:

-As you already know, it is necessary to check the legality of the constructions before buying them.
In order to do this, it is necessary to go to the Town Hall and see the licences, files and plans. Alaró is a small municipality with few staff, so it is important to get an appointment in time with the municipal technicians and check the documentation as quickly as possible.

-Some streets of Alaró have changed the number of properties over the years. If that is the case it is important to find out what the previous street number was so that you can see if there is any old record relating to the property.

-Alaró has its own Catalogue of elements and protected spaces that should be consulted to see how it affects the property you are willing to buy.

Apart from these particularities, the process of buying a property in Alaró, Mallorca, is the same as in any other municipality on the island.


Process, as you can read in detail in this post, has 3 parts.

Before the purchase.

-Be sure this is your dreams home

-Ask an independent lawyer to check the legality, the possibility of development, charges and the real ownership of the property.

-Make an offer

-Sign an Option Contract to allow you time to get your NIE number, wire the funds to Spain, get a mortgage if needed and allow time to the vendor to move out of the property


-Sign the purchase deed in front of a Public Notary and pay the price. In the Spanish system in order to be registered the purchase deed has to be signed in front of the Notary

After the Purchase

Pay purchase taxes, inscribe the property in the Land (Property) Registry, Inscribe the property in the Cadaster, change the supplies to your name, pay annual taxes…