Lawyer fees when buying a property in Mallorca.

Costs of Property Conveyancing in Mallorca.

Note hire a lawyer when buying a property in Mallorca (as elsewhere in Sapain) it’s not mandatory, but due the process and the war against illegalities it’s very convenient to get proper and independent advice before sign any contract or commitment.

Costs of Real Estate Lawyer in Mallorca for Buying a property

It’s very important to know lawyers fees are free. That means lawyer may invoice whatever he consider it’s fear. That’s why, before hire one, it’s recommended to ask him/her to confirm the deal and know how much is gonna be the final invoice .

Chamber of Lawyers of Balear Island’s recommends invoice between 1% and 1.5% of the purchase price.

Note if you ask another services, as especial reports, deal with back to get a mortgage, or other services, this will rise up the final invoice.

So, you can negotiate the price before lawyer starts working. 

Let’s say price will go go from 1% of the purchase price if your lawyer is only advising on the purchase, and will go up if your lawyer is helping you get a mortgage or signing the deed on your behalf using Power of Attorney.

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